9th Annual Halifax Oyster Jam Music Festival

DAYTONA BEACH, FL (March 8, 2018 – The 2018 Halifax Oyster Jam Music Festival will expand to 2 days this year. Saturday and Sunday March 24, 25 from 11am to 7pm on City Island on the Intracoastal Waterway in Downtown Daytona Beach, FL. Admission is $8 a person at the gate, children under 12 enter free. City Island is located behind the Daytona Beach Library, Downtown Daytona Beach.

Oysters and Beer

Under the management of Al Smith Productions and Current productions. The 2018 Halifax Oyster Jam Music Festival is devoted to supporting local shoreline restoration. “We are looking forward to attendees enjoying some of our local seafood treasures. We will be featuring a wide variety of oyster dishes, as well as raw, shucked and steamed oysters, and a number of other food options,” said Smith. And new this year attendees will be able to shuck and grill their own oysters. “if you would like to shuck your own oysters we will be selling them by the ½ or full dozen at a reduced price. There will be grills and shucking tables available and oyster ambassadors on hand to assist and give instruction. Can be a lot of fun and is a big part of oyster festivals around the country.”

Buffett tunes and Reggae

Besides lots of oysters, liquid refreshments and other food options, the 2018 Halifax Oyster Jam Music Festival will feature lots of great live entertainment. Attendees will enjoy live music, Saturday will feature Jimmy Buffett tribute band Gary Roland & Landsharks, C-Posse and Cool Jams. Sunday is Reggae Sunday with Propaganjah and C-Posse’s Bob Marley tribute.

Party with a purpose

Volunteers from The Marine Discovery Center be on hand to collect the oyster shells. The shells will be recycled and used to make living shorelines in Volusia County’s Intracoastal Waterway. “Few people today realize the role that oysters and oyster reefs have played in our local history and the vital role they play today in maintaining the health of our rivers and marine ecosystems,” stated Chad Truxall with the Marine Discovery Center.

Once valued primarily as a food resource, oysters are now recognized as important “ecosystem engineers” in estuaries. Oysters create complex habitats that support numerous species of fish, crustaceans, bivalves, other invertebrates, birds and mammals. During feeding oysters filter large volumes of water improving the clarity and quality of water and transferring of vital nutrients. As more people come to realize the importance of oyster reefs to overall ecosystem functions, large and small scale restoration projects have been springing up in many coastal communities.


Halifax Oyster & Music Festival is sponsored by, Daytona Hyundai, Daytona Beverages and Brown & Brown Insurance.

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