Shuckn Competition

2017 Shuck’n Contest at the Oyster Jam Main Stage Sunday 1:00 PM

Shuck’n oysters takes patience, skill and technique. Local Shuckers will compete to see who can shuck 12 of the cleanest and most appetizing oysters in the fastest time. These talented shuckers compete to prove who is the Master Shucker in Jacksonville, a $300 CASH prize and a legacy plaque customized for The Oyster Jam Shuck’n Contest.

Register here for the 2017 contest (Shuck’n Rules below)


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Shuck’n Contest Entry Application

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Attach restaurant logo and photo for program (Max 2 meg)

Congrats to Last Year’s Winners!

1st: Honor Allen

2nd: Johnny Brown

3rd: Josh Pierce


All Time Shuckin’ Champs

2017 – ?

2016 – Honor Allen

2015 – Josh Pierce

2014 – Justin Armstrong

2013 – Johnny Brown

Register here for the 2017 contest (Shuck’n Rules below)


2016 Shuck’n Contest Rules
1. All rulings by judges are final.
2. Shuckers may wear gloves, use their own knives and carry and extra knife for use in case the first breaks..
3. Each contestant will receive 12 oysters randomly selected by the judging panel.
4. The shucker removes the oysters from the buckets and arranges them for shucking.
5. Shuckers will start with their hands in the air and wait for the host to start the contest countdown.
6. Shuckers place each oyster on an unbroken half-shell and arranged neatly on the tray provided.
7. When a contestant has finished shucking and is satisfied with his/her arrangement of the shucked oyster,
He/she will raise their hands and the time keepers will stop their stopwatches.
When the shuckers raise their hands the judges will take over the tray of oysters and begin judging each oyster.
The shucker may not touch the tray of oysters after they have signaled completion.
8. NOTE: Presentation is the key to winning! The arrangement of the oysters is rewarded in the presentation.
9. PENALTIES. Judges will add seconds to shucking time accordingly:
(1) An oyster not completely severed from the shell. (+3 seconds)
(2) An oyster presented on a broken shell (+1 second)
(3) An oyster presented with grit, blood or other foreign substance (+ 3 seconds)
(4) A cut oyster (+3 seconds)
(5) An oyster not placed properly in the shell (+2 seconds)
(6) A missing oyster (+20 seconds)
BONUS: Judges may award a bonus reduction of (10 seconds) as an award for a tray whose presentation is deemed outstanding.
10. The head judge will declare the winner by the shucker with the fastest time, including all penalties and bonuses.

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